Okay since I pretty much blue-balled you guys… Lip locked you females… and unbiasedly stopped with the gender unidentifiables.. I will now hit it what PMA (Positive Mental Attitude) is to me.

I’ll start off with the short version – which will then excessively expand because I would not have a brass razoo of an idea as to how to kick this off.. 

PMA goes further than what the general public think of it when they first hear the term; myself included when I first heard about this hippy scum drug. I immediately thought “fuck yeah cool, just be happy it’s that fucking simple. I’m happy, I like things that make me happy…happy happy happy happy.” Completely unbeknownst to me at the time that it actually runs much so deeper than that… But if only it was that simple right?

To really grasp the concept of having or involving yourself with PMA as an individual, it needs to be understood that it varies with each person; which is awesome foursome, because it’s these defining qualities that set us apart as individuals. 

I personally believe the first step is realising that the world isn’t all ponies, oral sex, fairies and flowers, where we all get along with peace love and unity (which admittedly would be pretty fucking rad.) I basically started to understand that I’m a realist who was quickly learning life is far from that bubble-wrapped fantasy. I live it pretty black and white, avoiding spending much time in the grey area (which is another post altogether; see I’m a salesman at heart sorry Luke, I shouldn’t have said no,) and there’s good, bad, pretty and ugly in all that we do and encounter, and you know why? Because that’s just fucking life. 

It is actually so easy to want to jump fence and grab a firm dick hold of the negatives, (what do you know? I’m actually a humanzee with a soul and feelings; not just subject to touch) – because its like what is ‘programmed’ into society to think in order to be happy we gotta be this, that and the other, and if it doesn’t fit that mold then we immediately think we have failed so off to the downtown and we dwell on that for far too long. Before you know it we are stuck in a rut, and we will never know how dangerously deep is actually is, despite everything we might have been trying to believe, we are there and it’s so fucking consuming… What I like to put into action is grasping that firm dick hold onto the positives of any given situation regardless of how minute or big you think they may be its still a positive, so why not concentrate on that? 

Okay NOW this is where I should probably say in short.. (short basis was covered on the previous entry of round 1; but like my penis it’s still short but it keeps popping up) PMA to me goes beyond a mindset and becomes a way of life; a journey even (without sounding like the Dali Llama-need-no-drama,) and a seeing it more as a verb than anything, I just gotta put it into action each and every day 🙂 

I’ve probably spun webs of boredom headaches and upped the search rate of “how to cook cyanide” on Google with the last two posts, but it’s something I have wanted to speak about, and as life goes on with #johnsjourneys I will probably speak about it again as I come across various people from different walks of life and the multitude of times I try to hide and from my dog and masterbate. 



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