Okay, for the past however many years I swallowed my own seed and got the Instagram-of-steamed-ham, my name has been @johnpma, and I guess through my friends (the MTV real world of hardxcore) and also virtual reality social media creeping, I have always considered myself that positive guy that smiles till my jaw feels like that ole’ Mark Hannisons jaw feels like after going to Stereo for the first time and realising that taking pills in the bum still won’t stop you from chewing your chin off.

This post will probably end up going both ways, like a bisexual, so essentially two parts, (possibly to be continued?) or just left as a cliffhanger like the TV show OZ and their last season (which could have fucking continued but is all that keeps people intrigued or hanging on, like the annual finale of Home and Away and thirty minutes before it starts already no-one gives a fuck.) But in the terms of what it is/means to myself as an individual I guess I will dabble my paddle into that warm cosy moistness that I call PMA.

*side note probably won’t be the fun exciting #johnsjourney posting of ramblings as usual as but ill throw my two cents of laughs in like I throw my dick around after a stressful day.

Obviously in relation to the status I put up on the ole’ Facey questioning “what does PMA mean to you?” etc, I got some comments and inboxes to which I was surprised and relatively stoked to receive. Purely because, being some high-almighty Preach-it-to-the-Gospel Sistaahhhh “Tumblr is life” (I’m just being honest) I enjoy learning about people, listening to what they have to say and their ideas, EXCLUDING pretentious motherfuckers, in which I would rather finger my ass, no wait, fist my ass, with broken glass and lemon juice because there’s no need for it, and most cases there is no right or wrong etc etc. (I’m starting to ramble and get off topic; I’m sorry bear with me XD t3h3.)

Okay here’s the bees knees, the mutts nuts, the jam in your donut, the ink in your pen heart of this post…
I always believe the meaning of PMA holds varied significance to each individual. I see it more as an opportunity to relinquish in the positive, and that little sounding voice can help us get a grasp on the “good” in any given situation, as it is so easy to let ourselves slip and dwell on the negative of what is thrown our way. If each person can learn to find and embrace the positive in everything we are handed, whilst being strong and determined enough to not suffocate from the flip side, there will be a better understanding of what it means to have a Positive Mental Attitude.
*side note if i say pump blame my macbook (hipster topknot level up points for mentioning I have a macbook) and my shitty fingers for typing… Who knows I could potentially get endorsed by PUMA since RIPCURL aint jumping on the band wagon. #byronbay

…to be continued until next time

Go check out our band Give It All, we are a positive punk hardcore band from Brisbane helping bring awareness and light to the struggle of depression and mental health issues that are always the elephant in the room. Essentially reinforcing the message to remember YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

Thank you for tuning in



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