Well split my dick and call me Caitlyn… Who’d have thought the John Brown, “spud,” (get to that later; for those who know just know) “@johnpma,” would be writing his own blog.

So here we go. #johnsjourney

Here I am sitting down drinking my basic order of caramel soy chai, quarter-decaf mocha latte with 4mm of froth; no refined sugar (only raw sugar) which has to be stirred four times to the left twice to the right then a couple of spins with the spoon in your right hand, while simultaneously humming Bohemian Rhaspody on my MacBook at  Zarrafas, because fuck Gloria Jeans and their involvement with the Hillsong Church MC – trying to figure the fuck out how to speak and write good England sentences with, good gr@mm3r!

Not unlike myself, you are probably wondering why I decided to start a blog on the worldwide interwebz of predators and creeps.. Honestly it all stemmed from me putting up a couple of statuses here and there on Facebook telling a bit of a story about the happenings and endevours that I have encountered on a day-to-day basis (#aids #johnsjourney) and miraculously people seemed to actually pay attention and read them, advising me things similar to “you should have been swallowed” and “bro, you seriously dodged a coat hanger,” and as charming as that is, it was the others who said I need to write a book (lol, no) or a blog. So there the seed was planted the same way Bill Crosby planted his seed in them ladies and goats (*reference Wikipedia.) Admittedly this was a couple of months ago so evidently I am pretty slow to act unless it involves any form of ejaculation; then I’m sorry but I promise you it will be the best two minutes of your life.

Me being me I am pretty challenged when it comes to technolgoy and the like of it, (hell i still don’t have the interwebz, I use the hot spot from my phone,) and I only just bought a macbook a couple months ago. I threw a status on the old Facebook asking for help thoughts and ideas that helped, and there was a blog that is a stellar top notch read from a no bullshit bad ass – the one and only Courtney Wilkins @crtnylz indecorouswordpurge.wordpress.com – so I reached out like a creep sliding on into her DM asking for a helping hand as to how the fuck to blog and get it going, and I gotta give props and say a big thank you because she’s done more than enough in which I am very appreciative for that so go chuck a follow and have a gander and a read at her blog its #realtalk.

*side note* the name of this blog and the link I could go into but if you know me or if you google it I’m sure you could figure it out, kind of like the Easter Eggs you see in TV shows or video games or the you-beaut Marvel movies, except this is a pretty average blog by a below average dude so really nothing like the Easter Eggs you spot in the Marvel movie creations.

So if you decide to read through and follow what I post, write, dribble and carry on about then that would be the illest as it will be a mixture of all-sorts; like the bag of Allans lollies; there will some real rip snorters (like the red and orange lollies,) but then there will be them real cheesy limp-dick posts (like the yellow and green ones, ’cause c’mon you only eat them when there’s nothing left as a 8 year old kid.)

From the whole #johnsjourneys, to my own personal experiences during my short time on this earth, to hot topics similar to those of “Tracey Grimshaw; A Current Affair” stories that are just for ratings and to piss the public off, “Truck driver caught highway dragging with a load of combustible liquids while having a clout on the phone drinking his water picking his nose and pulling his dick.” (fuck you Tracey Grimshaw,) completed with a collection of random lists of random things.

All jokes aside San Diego, I’ll never let a good yarn get in the way of a good story (I know thats not how it goes but its how I will make it go ya PC fascists,) and the overall aim of this is to make people laugh and smile because I don’t get any more satisfaction than seeing happy people with happy smiles and happy expressions and happy lives, and if I can do that for whoever you are and whoever out there then kudos I am happy too Smiling face with open mouth

keep that PMA



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